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TCPL Security & Facilitate Pvt. Ltd.

Every corporate office requires its own security needs and plans, whether you require a strong security presence or a discreet security cover, we offer a package that is unique and best suited to your business.

Our corporate security guards are trained to guard your premises round the clock, with constant support, alarm setting and response to alarms, fire prevention and first aid, patrolling, monitoring through CCTV etc.

A well-structured training program comprising customer handling and tackling sudden and potential threats such as explosives, has made our corporate security among the best of the lot.

Our security staff is behaving smartly and sharp with a captivating smile to clean bowl customer’s hearts. Security for high-level corporations includes an effective implementation. We use highly specialized, experienced personnel to partner with you to develop a comprehensive security plan that includes event management, coordination with local law enforcement and medical personnel, and risk/event assessments for your corporation.